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A divorced man wakes up in the middle of the night to a mysterious sound. Turns out he's not the only one in his house.

Disturbed: A Hallucinating Tale is a first-person, horror survival game produced by a team of 7 students from SAE Institute Dubai as part of a studio project.

Created by Team Two Thirds.


  • Angelo Guerrero
  • Cameron Morris
  • Akshay Pancholi


  • Elijah Araza
  • Neo Selesho
  • Reema Abbas
  • Amal Aroskar


April 14th 2017

  • Fixed a glitch that players will able to finish the game quickly after the first playthrough
  • Tweaked the A.I. a bit.

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Published 223 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Survival Horror


HighGI_Windows_64.zip 169 MB


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Disturbed: A Hallucinating Tale places you in the role of a man trapped inside his apartment with a demonic presence chasing him around while he attempts to put out 6 candles in order to vanquish the evil within. It has a simple comcept as is a little on the easy side with the enemy not really posing much of a threat. Still it has some scary moments and a neat art style as well as decent audio. It feels more like a concept than a full game but as a free download it's certainly worth a look.

interesting game. keep on going!

Very short, but pretty tense. Nicely done.

I gave this guy a go - small game but very interesting and straight forward! Needed more stamina though! Here's my take on it...

Here is my playthrough on Disturbed: A Hallucinating Tale! It was really cool and everything other than it is a little short, but still really cool :D I liked it!

Nice video! Thank you for trying out our game, appreciated the feedbacks!

No problem! It was a good game other than just a tad short :D thanks for replying!